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Knowledge Bank Security

Why computer security is important

How to choose a secure password:
  • Avoid using any word from a dictionary (Can be translated).  Dictionary passwords are often effortless for hackers to crack it with a simple dictionary attack.
  •  Never use the same password for your all accounts. Try to group it and even a single password for each application and account.
  • Use upper and lowercase letter combined with numbers and special characters.
  • If you always forget your password, you can use a “Secure Password Manage App” on your smartphone or desktop, Never leave them on a Post-It note on your desk.
  • Enable the two step-verification if available in your account. Most of the social networks and secured websites are using two-step verification, which is usually a (Your Password + One Time PIN you will get it on your registered phone number).
  • Frequently review the new logins of your emails and social media website to check if there are any suspicious logins from a different city or country.
  • Now you can perform a search with your name; you can use “YOUR NAME” and check out the results you might find an old account or a replicated account of yours used by someone else.
  • Please don’t click on any a pop-up appear on your screen saying that you are infected. It’s a “Huge Risk” please make sure that it came from your legit Anti-Virus program.
  • ALWAYS backup. Your files are important to you, so treat it carefully, $100 external drive can save you thousands of dollars you might spend in a single recovery operation.
  • Don’t install any application from “Unknown Source” or a file from a flash memory you found in the street, especially in your work. You might put your self in trouble.
  • Don’t connect to any unknown wifi network/hotspot; someone might be in the middle sniffing your password and read all your communication.

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