Managed IT Services

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Remote Monitoring & Reporting Service

Use our Managed IT services to monitor your network and computers 24/7, and we will proactively notify you if any issues are detected before it even happens.

Why you choose our Managed IT Services?
  • IT modern solutions gives you peace of mind, let you focus on the success of your business. Our Managed IT service provides you with full care of your IT assets. No matter the size of your company, Mac or Windows. We’ve got you covered.
  • Proactive support. Our Managed services allow you to get pro-active IT support, and fix the problem before it even happens; you will always be ahead of your IT issues.
  • Complete outsourced IT. Managed services give you access to an entire IT department. From Tech Support, Microsoft Certified, Cisco Certified, and security professionals.

Our Managed IT MS Client allows both our IT team and the business owner to gain power and insight into your systems, computers and report you if the hardware is going to fail or if you have a virus infection. Binding this service with our Webroot AntiVirus protection make your networks run smoothly without errors or frustrations. 

What we monitor
  • Information about performance and predictive failure.
  • Server hardware configuration.
  • Business applications and Updates
  • Security issues and vulnerabilities on your network
  • Desktop performance and Windows version
  • Security alerts
  • Data backup success or errors
  • Asset reporting
  • Desktop performance
Reports you will get
  • Hardware, Software Inventory Reports
  • Printer Consumable Report
  • License Reports
  • Infected devices
  • Server Availability Report
  • Many other custom reports are available
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