Welcome to the TechTrone ONLINE REMOTE SUPPORT.

Option 1: (Windows 10, 11) - Installed by default on Windows Devices

Press Ctrl + Windows logo key + Q  OR Click Start, enter Quick Assist, then select it from the results list.

Option 2: (Windows and MacOS) via AnyDesk.com
For our valued clients and those using our Remote Monitoring & Management system, you can quickly get help with any issue by simply opening a ticket in the client portal.

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Toll: (833) 832-4876

Office: (516) 500-1664

Texting: (516) 980-5001

Fax: (516) 224-9367

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Knowledge Bank

How much does it usually cost to fix a computer?

The cost of repairing a computer can vary depending on the problem. Some common issues, like a virus or malware infections, can be fixed relatively cheaply. More serious problems, such as hardware failure, will often require a more expensive repair. In general, it is best to consult with one of our technicians to get an […]

Knowledge Bank

What is Typosquatting and how to protect your domain?

What is Typosquatting?  Typosquatting is an increasingly common form of cybercrime that involves registering domain names that are similar to, or just one letter off from, the name of a popular website. Typosquatters often use these domains to trick visitors into thinking they have reached the intended site and then capitalizing on their mistake by […]

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