We powered TechTrone with highly experienced IT Support Professionals with extensive knowledge for more than 15 years in the field and delivered 1000s of IT Projects.


Freeport, NY

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// About us

Who we are

TechTrone IT Services is an independent local IT company based in Freeport, NY established in 2017.

During the past years, we provided Reliable IT Services and computer repair services to small businesses on Long Island, NY.

We provide both onsite and remote computer servicing, as well as traditional support for PCs, Printers, Smartphones, Software, and Hardware.

We are powered by highly skilled and experienced IT pros spanning over 15 years in the Information Technology sector and performing thousands of successful IT Operations.

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// Experience. Execution. Excellence

Our Mission

TechTrone IT Services

Our mission is to provide innovative, reliable solutions & unmatched customer experience for Small Businesses in NY​.

TechTrone’s unique combination of modern technology and human expertise, We will help to complete the job the way you want.

// Our Strategy

Raising the standards of the IT Industry

We choose to constantly change and adapt to keep up with the latest high standards.

Reduce IT cost on our clients 50%
CUSTOMER satisfaction 100%
// Experience. Execution. Excellence

Our Vision

TechTrone IT Services

We envision better everyday life for our customers through technology.