PC Tune Ups

Notice your computer is not running smoothly? Do you want to make your old computer run like new again?

We enchorage you to read our  “How to Tune Up Your Windows 7 or 10 PC for Free” and if you still having problems, you come to the right place.

Explore the full PC tune ups solutions delivered by experts at Techtrone. Trusted, secure, and cost-effective solutions!

Improve the performance of your old computer by tuning it up to make it run like a newly manufactured one. Our pro computer technicians will restore your computer to great shape.

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Providing PC Tune Ups at Affordable Prices

Techtrone offers top-notch computer tune up services that promise to leave your computer in the desired great shape. Just as you clean your home, the computer in your house also deserves cleaning. At Techtrone, we will optimize and tune up your PC to restore its functionalities and upgrade its performance.

We offer everything required to make your computer run like a new one. Our trusted and certified computer technicians will offer a full range of services needed for your PC to run fast. Starting from just $39.99, you can get your laptop or PC fixed in real-time to improve its performance.

Our PC Tune Ups Service entails:
  • Scan and removal of spyware/malware
  • Uninstallation of corrupt or outdated Antivirus
  • Physical PC cleaning
  • CPU, hard drive, RAM, network adapter and video card testing
  • Scan and removal of virus
  • Confirming adequate disk space
  • And a host of others.
  • Sending you a complete report for each hardware component and our recommendations.
Why Techtrone for PC Tune Ups?
  • Optimal Performance

Restore the performance of your PC with our unique tune up service

  • Comprehensive

Thorough PC tune up to ensure the required things are put in place.

  • Cost-effective

Save yourself the cost of repairing your PC due to computer failure.

  • 24/7 Availability

Computer repairs service at your disposal anytime, any day.

Call us now at Techtrone to tune up your PCs.

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