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How to Tune Up Your Windows 7 or 10 PC for Free

  1. Scanning your PC for Adware:

The first action you need to take, is removing the Adware from your PC, you need to download Adwcleaner “Free Software by Malwarebyte” to perform a quick scan for your Windows device.

Once completed, your computer should regain its performance and run smoothly.

2. Check for unwanted browser extensions:

Browser Extensions are tiny add-ons used to extend the functionality of a website, available in almost all the browsers like Google Chrome, FireFox, Edge, etc. However, not all the extensions are useful for us.

TO CHECK FOR Google Chrome Extensions:

  • Click on the three dots “Upper right corner of the browser” then click on “More tools” then “Extensions

  • A new window will launch and you should see all the extensions, just disable what you don’t need by clicking on the “ON | OFF” switch.

Please note, malicious extensions, can open unwanted pop-ups or redirect your browser to malicious websites for unknown reasons and might alter your search results.


TO CHECK FOR FireFox Extensions:

  • Click on the “Three bars on the right top of the screen” then click on “Add-ons” or using your keyboard press “Ctrl + Shift + A”

  • From the left panel select “Extensions” and remove whatever you don’t need. “it’s that simple”

3. Cleaning out the Junk and temporary files from the PC

Junk files are files which are created by programs or even the operating system during the installation or while using the program, some doesn’t harm but it consumes a lot of disk space and it could slow down your computer. You can always do it manually but the good news is there is a program free for home users called “CCLeaner” you can download it from here. “It’s one of the best Windows Cleanup software in the market”

This software will automatically analyze and clean your temporary files also it will provide you with more features, you need to use the advanced feature with caution and under your responsibility.

Please note, if you proceed with cleaning the system it will delete also the Recycle bin & your browsing history, temporary files by default. “NOT SURE?” Contact us for more information.

  • Click on “Analyze”
  • Click on “Clean All”

You may want to click on “Registry” and perform a quick cleanup if you want but please backup first. “DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK” it won’t delete your files but use it with caution


4. Disable the unwanted startup programs

Please note, disabling any program from startup, doesn’t mean uninstalling the program, it’s just disabling it from windows startup.

Getting to startup area varies depend on the OS,

In Windows XP, Vista, 7:

  1. Windows Logo + R
    and type “msconfig” then press “Enter”
  2. Click on “Startup” tab and uncheck the unwanted startup programs.

In Windows 8, 8.1 & 10

Microsoft made it so easy to get to the startup section, just right click on the “Taskbar” -> “Task Manager” -> “startup” tab. Just highlight the program and right click “Disable or Enable”

You could also do that with the CCLeaner -> tools -> startup


Please note, These 4 steps are basic Tune-Up process for slow computers. But sometimes a Hardware issue could exist.
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